An athlete’s performance depends on many elements, one of them being the mental factor. Today sports psychology is still a pending subject, but it is gradually progressing thanks to the fact that elite athletes are beginning to acknowledge the importance of working on this aspect to improve performance and, also, thanks to psychologists who do tireless, and often unnoticed, work in the sport field, helping clubs, federations and athletes.

Sports psychology helps to optimize performance through an efficient management of elements such as stress, pressure or how to develop a winning mentality, among many other issues.

Our first job is to identify the athletes’ capabilities. Knowing their potential and personality traits allows us to design an individual work plan.

In our exclusive PRO3 test, we classify the results into three areas:

  • In the field
  • In the locker room
  • In the social environment

With these results, we define thirty personality traits that allow us to get to know each athlete and start working to optimize their well-being and performance.

We give them tools and accompany them all the time, so that they can get to know their individuality better, understand the processes they are constantly going through and, consequently, improve themselves in every way.

Clubs are increasingly demanding our services, incorporating us into the team, along with physios, nutritionists and coaches, as support to the technical staff.

Toni Povedano. Campeón de españa Maxitrail.

Toni Povedano. Campeón de españa Maxitrail. @tonipovedano94

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